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Can be easily integrated into desktop applications written in .NET languages.


Windows Presentation Foundation wide range of image processing features.


Build Blazor image viewing and editing applications using C#.


Add image viewing, and editing to your ASP.NET Forms & MVC applications.

What do we offer?

View and Edit

Add image load save display edit and conversion to your application...

Markup and Annotate

Use simple image collaboration, comments, stamps annotations/markup tools...

Twain/WIA Capture

Connect your application to twain or WIA compliant devices...

Document OCR

Optical Character Recognition for processing scanned images. Direct access to pdf or xps files content.

Thumbnail Creation

Provide a convenient way to preview browse and navigate through the small high quality pictures or pages.

Barcode Reading

Include 1D & 2D barcode reading and writing to applications such as form processing, document management systems...

Client and server Royalty-Free deployment

About us

Image Components is a small and personable, highly focused software company founded in 2006 in Lisbon Portugal.

Our company delivers comprehensive and affordable reusable components for Win32, WPF, Blazor and ASP.NET/Forms/MVC/HTML5/JavaScript.

We truly care about our work and customers, and we invite you to evaluate our products as long as you like!

At Image Components our main focus is developing for developers allowing them to save time to build something amazing, for anyone.

Our mission is to build strong and enduring relationships working together to deliver high quality applications!

We think of flexibility as the quality which minimizes the amount of work you have to do to get from point A to an arbitrary point B.

Get rid of or avoid everything that you don't need, and then add what you do need. When you keep your system in a state where you only have to add things, it is very flexible.

Our vision and values has always been to create affordable software tools that benefit everyone, helping companies going paperless as a green solution to help the environment and save on operating costs.

We are extremely proud of what we have created, we're even more excited about the products currently in development.

Customer care is every company’s secret asset to help to stand out from the competition.

The only way to get a competitive edge and stand out from the competition, is creating an superior customer care and generating customer loyalty by offering what feels like a genuinely customer experience.